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What happens once you have accepted an offer?

Once you have an offer accepted for your home, you need to be fully prepared for the next stage of the process. We can make you Legally Ready to sell your home and ensure that all of the necessary work is carried out to encourage this part of the sale.

We recommend getting a solicitor to handle your legal work as soon as possible, as you want the move to progress quickly. The typical High Street solicitor takes around 2 weeks to draft up the contract for you and we believe that this is not beneficial to you as a seller, potentially leading to a variety of problems. Within this time period, buyers could potentially pull out and decide to look elsewhere.

Our timescales are much faster, as we issue a draft contract to you within 48 hours of an offer being accepted on your property. This is not only a faster way of handling your legal work but is also more efficient, as it will speed up the sales process and put you in the best position for the sale of your property to go forward.

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